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Logic / Computational Thinking Resources

Programming Resources


CS First
CS First provides lesson plans and video materials to help you learn the basics of computer science in a block-based programming environment called Scratch. Choose a theme of your choice and work your way through a series of activities to help you learn. has a variety of tutorials and programs for those just starting out. Write your first program by solving mazes, learn JavaScript in an hour, or begin playing with Python through partners.

Made with Code
Less than 1% of girls study Computer Science. Let’s change that. Made with Code is a site designed specifically for female students to explore code and inspire girls to see that it can help them pursue their passions, whatever they may be. From fashion to film, the things girls love are made with code.


Pencil Code
Dream it. Code it. Pencil Code allows you to learn professional programming languages by using an editor that lets you work in either blocks or text. You can create art, music, games, and stories. Or invent a program that will change the world.

App Inventor
Create your own working mobile app on your Android device (or use the online emulator if you don’t have an Android device) with App Inventor.


Practice working problems in a variety of categories to prepare for what Call to Code might have in store.

Build your own search engine or try your hand at problem solving with Java in one of these comprehensive online courses.

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